Six Keys Strategic Thinking Managers Have To Open Problem-Solving Mindsets

As Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang in their song, Teach Your Children,

“You who are on the road, must have a code that you can live by, and so become yourself because the past is just a good bye.”

In other words teach your employees to think strategically too. It will save you a tone of time and grief. Your organizational power and influence will grow best wealth management.

One of my mentors, a CEO of a global company with 52,000 employees said,

“When I first took the job, one of the most frustrating experiences for me was when one of my vice-presidents — who were getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to solve problems, not to tell me they have a problem, or ask how to solve problems — would come into my office to discuss a problem without having spent 30 seconds exploring the possible solutions.

Whenever they did this I would say, ‘Go away think about how you might solve it. If you can’t think of anything consult one of your colleagues. When you’ve done that, I’d more than willing to have a conversation with you.

Within 3 months, every one of them were solving problems and informing me of their decisions and only checking with me when it was appropriate. I could then focus my attention on the strategic stuff because I refused to let them rely on me for the day-to-day tactical problems.

The level of pride sky-rocketed in that executive team, which cascaded down into the rest of the organization.

Of course, some people could not do that. They did not last long.”

Sadly, many people are predisposed to look for the “not-enoughs”: in ourselves, in others and for external events.

“Not-enoughs” are the basis of almost all educational teachings exam marks are criticisms of what’s missing rather than looking for potential improvements. Comments on papers are full of red marks, rather than Socratic-type questions designed to open students’ minds to strategic opening-the-mind thinking.